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Re: NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V1 #349

I live in the southeast.....it rains alot :)

On Sat, 3 Jul 1999 11:29:47 EDT SusanCatt at aol_com writes:
>How do you handle water exchange?  
>I too have water gardens as I call them.  All with loads of plants and 
>a few 
>fish.  I have the common comets in one and a wayward bumblebee cichlid 
>another and rosey reds in another. I exchange the water every two days 
>or so. 
> On the hottest days every day.  We get up around 115 here in the AZ 
>I use the garden hose and allow the water to drain over into small 
>plant beds where the watergardens are protected from direct heat and 
>son.  My 
>water is well water and every now and a gain I add a small amount of 
>coat.  Everyone seems very happy.  I suppliment feed about three times 
>a week 
>with dry and a variety of frozen food.  I have no mosquito's, but too 

Robert Rice
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