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NFC: new auction format?

Howdy folks,

Charles "Dakota" Anderton has asked me to help him look at some
possibilities for moving the auction stuff to
http://www.nativefish.org.   I've set up a little demo on my own web
site of how this might work.  I'd like some folks to try it out and tell
me if they like it or not.  If so, I'll talk to Tim about getting this
incorporated into the official web site.

Note about the new auction format:  If we went with this format, the
default configuration is to have people set their own auction duration. 
Rather than have a monthly auction, this auction would be up and running
all the time.  If you have something you're willing to wait a month to
get rid of, you can set a 30 day auction duration.  If you are in a
rush, you can set it for a week.  You can set up the reserve bid and bid

I've also turned on "sniper protection".  This will keep people from
waiting until the last minute, setting a higher bid, and having the
auction close.  If someone tries doing this an email goes out to the
previous high bidder and they'll have another hour (or other
configurable length of time) to outbid the sniper.

The script is pretty flexible so we can tune things here and there.  If
we want to stick with a monthly auction format I think I can adjust the
permissions so that only a designated auction official like Charles can
post items for auction.

Anyway, please play with the demo script.  Feel free to create items,
bid on them, etc.  None of it is for real so don't worry about being
stuck in any contractual obligations. ;-)



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