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NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V1 #349

How do you handle water exchange?  

I too have water gardens as I call them.  All with loads of plants and a few 
fish.  I have the common comets in one and a wayward bumblebee cichlid in 
another and rosey reds in another. I exchange the water every two days or so. 
 On the hottest days every day.  We get up around 115 here in the AZ desert. 
I use the garden hose and allow the water to drain over into small controlled 
plant beds where the watergardens are protected from direct heat and son.  My 
water is well water and every now and a gain I add a small amount of stress 
coat.  Everyone seems very happy.  I suppliment feed about three times a week 
with dry and a variety of frozen food.  I have no mosquito's, but too many