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Hi all.....I have recieved some posts about the fairness and posting updates to the Auction. In all fairness, I must refer you back to yesterday's e-mail to both the NFC list and the fwlist where you can find that the bids are the same as today's posting of the bids....That simply means there have been no new bids!!  When ever I recieve a new bid from anyone, I try to update the list and keep everybody informed of the changes...There have been some problems with the FLCentral site but it was cleared up and now there seems to be a problem with it closing too soon...I cant do anything about someone else's website but will try to have that fixed before we have a new auction...In the past, there has been no attempts to post a bid at the last minute and while it could be possible, if you feel like you just have to have the Item then bid on it and dont worry about getting the 11:59 p.m. jitters....That's why it is called an auction !!!!  
Sorry for the ramblings and now I will get off the soapbox.....Thanks to all and we all need each others support....

Charles Anderton 
Auction Administrator
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Date: Wednesday, June 30, 1999 7:12 PM
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>"Hemsath, Gay" wrote:
>> However how about sharing the new bids with the rest of us
>> Particularly those of us that currently have bids in on items
>> So that if we are out bid we have a chance to up our bid, if we're still
>> interested in the item while there is time to do so
>Here!  Here!  Actually I was thinking about an idea for next auction to
>finish it off in the chat room to make this fair.
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