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Re: NFC: Re: Quarantine Tank

Joshua L Wiegert wrote:

> Talk about the ultimate price:  I now have _no fish_, save a neon tetra
> and an ottocinclus in my (single) tank. . . .
> All because I put  a few chubs in there for a single day... yeck.

Are you into sunfishes at all?  I just brought home a dozen or so
juvenile bluegills.  ~1 inch long, no color yet.  Unfortunately the
sunfishes OWNED the pond I went collecting in up in PA over the
weekend.  We brought in a few silver shiners, lots of juvenile sunfish,
and lots of tadpoles.

We kept the shiners and tadpoles for bait (caught LOTS of largemouth
bass on tadpoles on little bream hooks!!!) and took the leftovers back
to the house to feed the largemouth in my kid brothers all new 40 gallon
"breeder" native tank.  The juvi bluegills are the only fishes I brought


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