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Re: NFC: NFC site needs your help........

robert a rice wrote:

> Just did a search and the NFC site is linked by 2 thats right 2 other
> websites ...So could all of you list members who have a website please
> put a link to the nFC site or even better a banner ad ...steal one from
> the NFC site tia

Actually Robert there are several dozen. I've personally confirmed that.

The problem is the web crawlers that update search engines are rather
slow and won't reflect that for awhile.  Possibly a couple of months.

But yes I think we need a more prominent presence out there.  I was so
pleasantly surprised when I  finally found the NFC (through the NANFA
links page which I was also pleasantly surprised to find the same day)
and wonder why I've never found either site before.  When I chat with
other aquarists I hear that they are into native fish too and didn't
know of either organization.


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