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NFC: On the road again...

Hello All,

Just writing to let thjose of you out there that have seen me post on this
list that I may not be on as often as before...You see I am running away
and joining the circus (actually the Renaissance Faire Circuit to be
exact). Yhis means I will no longer be able to keep native fishes on
account that I will be living in a popup camper.

Now the good news, I will still have a PC and be on the list, plus perhaps
in my travels I will be able to help some of you do some collecting in the
various states I am working the faire in.
My first stop will be in Bristol, Wisconsin (just outside of Kenosha), and
I would love to hook up on a collecting trip durning the 9 weeks I am there.

I will prolly also be in Ohio, Texas, and Florida, just not sure when...

Till then, Faire Thee Well!

Piscator (from "The Compleat Angler, or The Contemplative Man's Recreation")
This book has been reprintednted more times than virtually any other book,
other than THE BIBLE, and is the basis for my faire character, Quintin