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Re: NFC: Red Finned Pickerel

>>Hey all. sorry bout that last e-mail I used the spell check and eveything
>>went blank. Any ways. I have had a 13" red fin for about two years. I
>>just got two more today. They are both around 8-9". I'm thinking of
>>building a 4'W X 4'W X 1'H fish tank with a shallow plateau at one end.
>>I've watched them and others of the pike family breed in the shallows in
>>the spring. I'm going to put the tank in my cellar. The temp usually runs
>>30f (W) 55f (S). How territorial are theses fish?  I was thinking of
>>putting a glass partition between them till they get used to each other.
>>What do you think? Any help would be greatly appreciated<<

Don't know about territoriality, but they will eat each other if they can.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net