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NFC: Re: Gar and returning fish to the wild

>I've caught gar just east of you in Sugar Creek, Hancock County a couple of
>years ago.  I've also heard they are plentiful in the Whitewater River near
>Brookville, Indiana and near Seymour, Indiana.  I've seen them once in the
>Wildcat just east of Lafayette, Indiana.  I'm looking for some too if you
>find a good location.
>Due to the potential of spreading disease and parasites as well as
>disrupting the ecosystem, I'm pretty well convinced stocking fish is best
>done in conjunction with suitably trained experts.  From what I have
>on the lists, I now never return fish to the wild, even to the original
>capture point.  Any of you more experienced or formally trained folks care
>expand on this subject?

I want them for my lake about 10 or so for they can take care of all the
bluegill cause they almost cover the whole top of the lake so bad u can
almost walk on them in some areas. I would much rather like to get flathead
catfish then gar though. I hope the new litter of catfish from the spawn
will help take care of it. By the way anyone know when the catfish spawn in
Indiana is over?