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NFC: Gar and returning fish to the wild

In a message dated 6/19/99 8:09:12 PM US Central Standard Time, 
eagle at on-net_net writes:

<<         Well I dont know if it would be a good idea to introduce florida 
gar to a  lake so does anyone know if there are any gar in indiana?      >>


I've caught gar just east of you in Sugar Creek, Hancock County a couple of 
years ago.  I've also heard they are plentiful in the Whitewater River near 
Brookville, Indiana and near Seymour, Indiana.  I've seen them once in the 
Wildcat just east of Lafayette, Indiana.  I'm looking for some too if you 
find a good location.  

Due to the potential of spreading disease and parasites as well as otherwise 
disrupting the ecosystem, I'm pretty well convinced stocking fish is best 
done in conjunction with suitably trained experts.  From what I have learned 
on the lists, I now never return fish to the wild, even to the original 
capture point.  Any of you more experienced or formally trained folks care to 
expand on this subject? 

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA