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Re: NFC: Goldfish chase trout away

Or maybe come up with some gourmet cat food." Fancy prancy feast gold", I
can see it now it would be gangbusters. Or maybe the canneries should check
it out. Think about it cheap filler for your tuna who would notice I here
they are putting carp in that stuff now anyways. Stuff is worst than "Spam"
for the mysterious nature of its ingredients (Spam eaters dont hammer me now

Seriously maybe if someone could find a use for them and they are that
plentiful commercial permits for harvest could be issued? 

At 02:33 PM 6/17/99 -0600, you wrote:
>> The goldfish are being blamed for such a downturn in business at nearby
>> Snuffy's store, restaurant and bar that the establishment closed for longer
>> than usual
>> last winter. Fishermen quit coming because there weren't many rainbow
>> trout, said Snuffy's manager Martha Mendoza.
>Maybe it's time for Snuffy's to switch their business from dining and
>retail to wholesale feeder fish ;-)