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NFC: RE: Freswater Drum Die-Off

Just one suggestion



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	>Subject: Freswater Drum Die-Off
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	>A very localized, <10 mi, fish kill of predominately Freshwater
Drum has
	>been occurring on the Ohio River for the past 10 days.  Two to
	>thousand indiduals have been counted.  All sizes.  Ninety-five
per cent of
	>the kill is Freshwater Drum...a few other species, Sauger,
Walleye, Catfish,
	>Hybrid Striped Bass have been observed.  Zebra mussels occurr
in the river
	>at this location.  A 17 year hatch of cicadas is also occurring
in this
	>area.  Native unionids are not showing stress.  No visible
damage apparent
	>on external examination.  No molluscicides have been reported
in use since
	>October, '98.  Initial results of bacterial analysis negative.
	>observed swimming disoriented in shallow water, < 1m.  When
spooked, fish
	>swim to deeper water, then return to shallow, shoreline areas.
	>individuals can be collected by hand.  Any ideas, thoughts,
	>Jerry Schulte