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Re: NFC: Goldfish chase trout away

Eric Coffman wrote:

> Maybe their are some sterile hybrid striped bass or muskuelege they can use?
> Something that wont reproduce and will be fished out in a few years. After
> they eat the goldfish.*smile**

If I understand it correctly, it is pretty easy in the aquaculture
business to produce a large run of male fish.  Now I don't know if these
are NORMAL males (XY chromosomes) or if they are some sort of sterile
fish.  The idea is that you can stock a fish pond with all male fish so
that they don't waste any energy breeding and put on weight faster to
get to market.   The only thing that would MAJORLY throw this off is if
some jerk threw in a female.  But still, I'd have to think that there is
a way to produce sterile male fish for the purpose of preying on exotic


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