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Re: NFC: Goldfish chase trout away

This lake is man made is, it s a dammed river, but the river flows
thhrough the Gila national forest and given the problems there they may
not allow posion becasue it will also take out what is down stream.  I
think it will be several years befor anything is done becasue of the
buracray need to get any thing done, given all the agencies involved.  But
some thing needs to be done.   I believe that it could be people not
wantin to kill thier goldfish so they relaeased them.  we have a pond on
the University campus and when they drained it a few years ago you would
not beileve the number of goldfish bowls in the pond, evidently people
just dropped the bowl and the fish in not even thinking.  Since they
drained the pond 4 years ago, the pond is already completely full of huge
goldfish,  they have been spawning because in the summer you can see
little ones with the big ones.  All it takes are two fish, one male, one
female to casue a population explosion of exotic fishes. 


On Thu, 17 Jun 1999 Phylesis at aol_com wrote:

> Not being a proponent of chemicals as a viable solution to exotic removal  
> primarily because it often destroys much more of the eco-system than the 
> single targeted fish.
> Is the lake natural or manmade?.   How about introducing some large predators 
> that wouldn't interfere with the trout populations. If there are any.  I also 
> think the idea of small predators to control the fry is not a bad idea, just 
> use natives. The best recipe for goldfish I can come with  involves a blender 
> and icecube tray.  : )

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It's smegging stupid. Two grown men on unicycles belting a beach ball up
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