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Re: NFC: Goldfish chase trout away

Eric Coffman wrote:

> I cant imagine bait bucket stocking and released pets could explode like
> that. I would have thought they would have been easy targets for predation
> being bright orange and all. A lot of people must have dump a lot of fish.
> Though I do have memories of my mother catching goldfish (or maybe they were
> small koi or somethingelse altogether since I was only about 5) in Raystown
> Dam in C. PA.

Behind my parents' house in PA is a pond of about 2 acres maybe.  It was
stocked in the late sixties with largemouth and smallmouth bass,
crappies, bluegills, pumpkinseeds, shiners, bullheads, etc.  There is a
strong bass population in that pond.  Nevertheless, in the seventies a
guy dumped one of those mutant goldfish in there... you know the ones
I'm talking about... the kind that looks like a golfball.  Well one day
in the early 90's I was fishing in the pond and saw this huge golden
ball in the water.  It looked like a basketball with fins.  I rubbed my
eyes in disbelief but it was quite real.  The guy who stocked it (who
lives on the other side of the pond) happened to come out once and when
I mentioned this mammoth goldfish he laughed and told me the story of
how his son's pet was released so many years ago.  Apparently a couple
of years before I saw the fish, the guy claims to have pulled him out of
the water with a net and weighed him at about 14 pounds.  I dunno if I
buy that but it was much bigger than I ever saw a goldfish get before. 


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