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NFC: Quarantine Tank.

Just a little reminder to quarantine all fish one takes:

A few days ago, I pulled my trap to discover some incredibly coloured
cyprinids, which I think were creek chubs. . . . The three looked to be in
perfect, clear health... and I, stupidly, put them in my twenty gallon
tank.  The next day, one had a clear signs of velvet.  It died 3 hours
later.  The other died a few hours later, seemingly of the same
Welp, that was last weekend.. since then, I've lost one Hoplo Cat and one
Dwarf Syno. in my tank -- and many of the other fishes are now showing
signs of velvet and/or ich.  

One ten gallon tank + aerator + box filter=15$
One dwarf syno + one hoplo + medications=30$.  Other fish, plus the
non-monetary value of them.... still more. :(
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