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Re: NFC: questions about fish in the auction

This is a hardy darter well adapted for aquarium life and maintains decent color throughout the warmer
months.  I would keep it in the mid to high seventies in the summer with no problem... It is best to
begin with live food such as brineshrimp, worms, daphnia etc and try to wean them over to frozen foods
.  They feed by visual recognition rather than scent I believe.   They are completely docile.  It helps
to have a power head on their tank.

>                  ****************************************************************************
> >                                         ********** Item #1 **********
> >
> >                        three pairs of Etheostoma variatum, the variegate darter
> >                                              Minimum Bid $15.00
> Very beautiful fish but can anyone please share the basic requirements
> please?

Extremely well, and like to color up when being fed.  With any sunfish, you need to concern yourself a
little about predation.  If they arent eating your lutrensis then i doubt they would eat the SRBD.  BTW
they will eat anything you put in the tank to feed your fish.

> >                                         ********** Item#2 **********
> >
> >                                              6  Southern Red Belly Dace.
> >                                                Minimum bid  $15.00
> How well might these mix with red shiners and bluespotted sunfish in a
> 135g community tank?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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