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NFC: RE: NFC Auction

mark at fishlinkcentral_com


Hot damn

It now works 

I got to bid




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	From:	Mark Barnett [SMTP:mark at fishlinkcentral_com]
	Sent:	Sunday, June 13, 1999 7:37 PM
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	Subject:	NFC: Re: RE: NFC Auction

	Sorry about the problems. Try it now as I had to correct the
section that
	sends the email with your password.

	Mark Barnett
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	From: Hemsath, Gay <GHemsath at alascom_att.com>
	To: <nfc at actwin_com>
	Sent: Sunday, June 13, 1999 6:35 PM
	Subject: NFC: RE: NFC Auction

	> I'll say one thing about using this site :
	> http://www.fishlinkexchange.com/cgi-bin/auction.cgi?native
	> <http://www.fishlinkexchange.com/cgi-bin/auction.cgi?native>
	>  for part of the NFC Auction :-)
	> It sure as hell holds down on frivolous bids  :-0
	> In fact it seems to hold down all Bids
	> Or any body biding
	> Hope their commission isn't very large
	> Well on second thought it can't be (no bids - no sales)
	> Or maybe it just doesn't like me
	> Hell of a deal :-)
	> Disgruntled Gay
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	> Subject:
	> Heres the link to the current NFC auction...Tons of cool books
	> this month
	> along with some tommeleri prints
	> http://www.fishlinkexchange.com/cgi-bin/auction.cgi?native
	> Robert Rice
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	> Conservancy
	> online
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