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RE: NFC: RE: NFC Website - auction link

:-) I find it kind of funny that the only guy that can or has bid so far
is the guy that set this up :-)



 Category: Native Fish
 Offered By: Dakota
 Current Time: Sun Jun 13 15:19:43 1999
 Closes: Wed Jun 30 13:07:29 1999
 Or 0 minutes after last bid...
 Number of Bids: 1
 Last Bid: $16.00 (reserve price met)


This is the Longear Sunfish Print by Joe Tomelleri shown on the NFC Joe
Tomelleri Store....Take a look at it on the
NFC website at www.nativefish.org 

Bid History

START: Dakota (Fri Jun 11 13:07:29 1999) - $15.00
Dakota (Sat Jun 12 12:34:48 1999) - $16.00

:-) I guess this insures that he will get what he wants :-) 


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	I'm sorry, Gay.
	We had to ban you from bidding on there ... something about not
	kickbacks to Tim.  

	Seriuosly, now...
	Don't feel bad, I can't even figure out how to get to it. :)

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	On Sun, 13 Jun 1999, Hemsath, Gay wrote:

	> Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 11:59:29 -0800
	> From: "Hemsath, Gay" <GHemsath at alascom_att.com>
	> Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com
	> To: "'nfc at actwin_com'" <nfc at actwin_com>
	> Subject: NFC: RE: NFC Website - auction link
	> Hello
	> Well I found the web site
	> Then found out you need to register in order to bid 
	> Tried to register several times and all I get back is the
	> 1.	Error
	>     The requested operation could not be performed by the
	>     Timed out.
	> 0r 
	> 2.	Sorry... that alias is taken. Hit back to try again! 
	> It seems that no matter what I try  this is all the farther I
can get
	> And I never get an e-mail sent to me with a pass word so that
I can bid
	> So my questions are
	> 1	can you tell me what / how to get to bid or
	> 2	will some one that is registered be willing to bid for
me as
	> they don't seem to want to let me bid
	> Don't understand why, I thought I was a good boy
	> Gay
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	> 	From:	robert a rice [SMTP:robertrice at juno_com]
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	> 	Subject:	Re: NFC: NFC Website - auction link
	> 	In the rotating banner ads there is a NFC auction link
just wait
	> a bit
	> 	for it to cycle around.....:)
	> 	Robert Rice
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	> Conservancy
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