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NFC: RE: NFC Website - auction link


Well I found the web site
Then found out you need to register in order to bid 
Tried to register several times and all I get back is the following

1.	Error

    The requested operation could not be performed by the proxy.

    Timed out.


2.	Sorry... that alias is taken. Hit back to try again! 

It seems that no matter what I try  this is all the farther I can get

And I never get an e-mail sent to me with a pass word so that I can bid

So my questions are

1	can you tell me what / how to get to bid or
2	will some one that is registered be willing to bid for me as
they don't seem to want to let me bid

Don't understand why, I thought I was a good boy


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	In the rotating banner ads there is a NFC auction link just wait
a bit
	for it to cycle around.....:)

	Robert Rice
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