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NFC: Press Release

Press Release:65/4/99

 The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC) aquires permanant domain name !

The NFC a federal non profit conservation organization has aquired a
permant domain name of www.nativefish.org .The new address takes effect
immediatly. The old adress of http://nativefish.interspeed.net will
remain up until August 1st 1999 as courtesy to websurfers. 

With this permanent address the NFC website will be easier to find on the
web and  give us a greater web presence.

The NFC site contains Native Fish related articles, photos, email lists,
discussion groups and all the current information about our current
conservation activities including the Adopt A Tank Program , The Breeders
Club, The Blue Pike Page, Kids Corner, The Exotics Removal Program, and
our exclusive online store selling the artwork of Joe Tomelleri so please
visit us at our new location at www.nativefish.org and help us help our