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NFC: collecting in southeastern PA

Howdy folks,

I'm going up to PA to visit family in a couple of weeks.  They live in
Media which is between Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE.  They have a
semi-private 2 acre pond on the property which feeds into Ridley Creek. 
The wildlife in the pond is pretty healthy, and the creek below the pond
is very rich with life.

My kid brother who lives there is starting to get into natives himself,
and has been keeping exotics for a few years now.  Right now he's got
various sunfishes (haven't been up yet to ID) in one of his tanks.  He's
been begging for me to come up and go fishing with him.

I don't have jack squat in the way of collection gear yet besides a
minnow trap (which has failed me miserably thus far....) and a standard
hook & line setup.  If anyone in the area wants to come out and collect
in our pond with us, we'd be glad to have you (especially if you have a
seine heheheheh).  We'll probably be on the pond on the 26'th.


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