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NFC: Adopt a tank program

This is a reprint of a letter received from my boys 6th grade science

     Thank you so much for the opportunity that you have given the
students and me, to enjoy the fish tank this year. It was fascinating! I
have rad the proposal about the Adopt A Tank program and I think that it
is a great idea.
I do most of my planning in the summertime, because when school begins
in the fall I feel like I am on a run-away train!!  This summer I can
plan how to better utilize the native-fish tank in the classroom, keep
better records, and assign students maintenance responsibilities.
Children are used to seeing tropical fish tanks, but I don't think they
realize which fish are native to Indiana.  That is why I think it is a
great  program.
     Again, thank you for your time and donation. I will keep in touch
with you next year about the fish.

For any of you that are thinking of approaching a school about the Adopt
A Tank program, now is the time to do it. This gives the teacher time to
work it into the schedule. I also mentioned that we might rotate fish
every other month. Getting fish from different states and let the
children see what is in other states. We will see what happens in the

A true fish addict,
  Bill Flowers