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Re: NFC: website stuff.....

robert a rice wrote:

> Hi guys looks like things have  been busy since I was gone :)

How did the move go?  Was your fishroom the first thing to get
unpacked?  :)

> Couple o things I'll get on first thing next week .
> 1. the old website needs a link to the new one .So even if we have to pay
> for it for a month or to I want to keep the old site up ...up meaning it
> says weve moved.

It's kind of crappy for Interspeed to charge for this, but this is
definitely a good idea.  I've already gotten several dozen webmasters to
change their links so hopefully we won't lose too many people.

Please note our online articles, printed newsletters, etc. still show
the old address.  The latest newsletter that I got in the mail on Friday
was printed too soon to reflect this so it shows the old one as well. 
Can we make sure the change is announced in the next newsletter?

And Robert, on a somewhat unrelated note, your mailing address is listed
all over creation both inside and outside of the NFC so you may want to
look into having that updated.

If you need/want some $ help in keeping the redirector up on the old
site to the new site, let me know how much and I'll send some $ to help
with that.

> 2. I'll start submit5ting us to search engines. IF the rest of you web
> surfers could submit us to all the apropriate engines and link sites I
> would APPRECIATE IT .....TIA

Already did a few myself.  Also getting more web sites to link to NFC
will help speed up this process since the web crawlers will hit more
links to NFC and thus crawl the NFC site more often.  If any of you have
personal web sites, even a hidden link to the NFC will help accomplish
this.  When I get home I'll add some links here and there to hopefully
steer some search engines to the new site.


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