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NFC: Collecting trip

Hello all,

I just thought I'd tell you a little bit about a collecting trip I took
earlier today.  (I normally just lurk on the list but I think it's time
I contributed a little something.)  I went with 4 members of our fish
club.  We went collecting out around the Sarnia, Ontario area.  We
collected in 5 separate sites.  We even brought back some fish.  However
I did not bring any back as I have no room at the present to keep any.
Some of the others kept some for either tanks or their ponds.  I did
keep track (basically) of what we caught out there.

Site 1 - A conservation area pond fed by the Syndenham River.
                -white bass
                -bluegill sunfish

Site 2 - Bear Creek at a different conservation area
                -brassy minnows
                - bluegill sunfish

Site 3 - Willow Park - near Sarnia (on the St. Clair River)
                -yellow perch
                -spottail minnow
                -white perch
                -golden shiner
                -pumpkinseed sunfish
                -and a fish I believe is called a fallfish

There were very large carp (2 feet +) spawning in the river while we
were there.
They let us get to within inches of them before they swam away.  They
were in
groups of 4-5 with one female and a bunch of males.  There were
thousands of eggs
in the plants (hornwort)  They actually were so distracted I stepped on
one... its
tail I believe... I think we each scared each other pretty good. hehe

Site 4 - Bridgeview - in Petrolia
                -pumpkinseed sunfish
                -minnows (not sure of type)

Site 5 - Bridgeview again but on other side of the highway - this looked
like a blackwater habitat the water was so full of tannins
                -fathead minnows
                -pumkinseed sunfish
                -and a sucker - (not sure of the type)

      -and of course crayfish.....at all the sites

It was a really interesting day.  My first time actually going
collecting.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know I will go again.  And
hopefully catch some darters next time out. :)