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Robert, I had to clip the picture off of this...

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Subject: Fw: San Marcos River dam

Im in Gainesville among the boxes but sorting through the mail so hang in
there folks as I look at things...This worthwhile project needs some
input check it out...

Robert Rice
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From: Johnny Kasper <johnny39302 at yahoo_com>
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Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 10:28:30 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: San Marcos River dam
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Dear Robert, 
    First, I want to thank you for keeping me on the mailing list. I am
a very interested, but very poor student at Southwest Texas State,
depending on the GI bill to survive and I have not exactly paid all my
dues. Again, thanks to all who have kept me on the mailing list. 
   The reason that I am writing to you is to inform everyone, through
you, about a situation that is going on here in San Marcos. 
   You may be familiar with the San Marcos river here and the lake that
has been most notably connected with Ralph the swimming pig. Well,
Ralph has been retired and there has been a movement for the lake and
it's springs to become teaching center. It is the home of the fountain
darter, the Texas Blind salamander, The san marcos salamander, Texas
wild rice, and selveral other endangered or threatened species. 
    Last fall, we got the 100 year flood. I live right on the river and
my apts flooded heavily. I also live above the spring lake dam, a dam
that was built in the 1850's for a grist mill. The flood has severely
damaged the dam, and the State has said that it will not pay for
repairs. The result has spawned a movement to remove the dam and return
the river to it's natural state. 
    This would be an amazing "new" environment for humans and fish
alike. The fountain darter is named for the now capped off spring that
once would shoot out of the water like a fountain. 
    I wold like tho think that the NFC could somehow help out around
here, if only by publishing the new situation and the E-mail of the
Dean of the school(his publicly published account,of course). Any input
would be welcomed to help tear down the dam. Thanks! 
                            Johnny Kasper
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