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Re: NFC: New NFC internet domain update

In a message dated 6/4/99 6:26:32 AM US Central Standard Time, 
tayers at bridge_com writes:

 Our website can now be found at http://www.nativefish.org. Unfortunately
 the old address, http://nativefish.interspeed.net, is dead and our web-host
 is unable to create a redirection notice at that address. I was very
 disappointed when they told me they couldn't. If you all could spread the
 word that our site has moved we would appreciate it.  >>

Over the last year, I have submitted our website to assorted other sites 
suggesting they use us as a link.  I have also submitted our several list to 
lists of lists sites, with our website as being the place to sign up.  Sorry 
I did not keep track of who.

I would suggest anyone who knows of places where we are linked check to make 
sure information is updated.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA