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Re: NFC: New NFC internet domain update

At 09:27 AM 6/4/99 -0400, Chris Hedemark wrote:
>Tim Ayers wrote:
>> Our website can now be found at http://www.nativefish.org. Unfortunately
>> the old address, http://nativefish.interspeed.net, is dead and our web-host
>> is unable to create a redirection notice at that address. I was very
>> disappointed when they told me they couldn't. If you all could spread the
>> word that our site has moved we would appreciate it.
>If it will help you out, I'd be happy to hunt down sites that link to
>NFC and alert them to the new URL.  Just give the word.

Sure! If anyone else notices an out-of-date link to our site, please do the
same. Thanks a lot. 


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