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NFC: Microworm cultures - VT

I have microworm cultures ready to ship.  These cultures use Gerber's 
Oatmeal Baby Cereal as a culture medium which works MUCH better than the 
common odorous yeast/cornmeal culture medium.  The microworms eat the 
medium, which has lots of protein, minerals and Vitamin C, which makes them 
a much better food for growing killie fry or other similarly sized young 
fish.  Instructions sent with order.  Unlike other culture providers, which 
sell 1/2 oz or 1 oz cultures for $3.00 +, these cultures come in 8 oz. 
recycled plastic containers (cake frosting containers) which have 2-3 oz of 
medium and a thriving population of microworms. Also, unlike other microworm 
cultures, these do _NOT_ have the foul odor typically found with other types 
of microworm culture, so you can keep these cultures inside the house 
without odor problems.

Prices (includes instructions):

             one culture:    $5.00
             two cultures    $9.00
             three or more:  $4.00 each

Shipping costs (by Priority Mail): $3.20 for up to 3 cultures, 4-6 cultures, 
$5.40, 7 or more, $7.50 flat fee.

Send orders by email to DMoody3042 at aol_com . Hope to do business with you 

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