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Re: NFC: nativefish.org?

The interspeed folks have not finished the setup so we dont have the org
name bought as of today..hopefully next week when i get setlled in things
will have gotten handeled....TTYL...

On Tue, 01 Jun 1999 12:52:14 -0400 Chris Hedemark
<hedemark at raleigh_ibm.com> writes:
>Hey folks,
>A few weeks ago we were talking about nativefish.org and that the
>paperwork had been put through to get the domain.
>A quick check shows that no one owns the domain yet.
>Is everything going okay?
>I understand Robert Rice may be handling this and is currently moving 
>if no one knows I'll repost after he's at his new Fish Meister's HQ. 
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Robert Rice
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