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A couple of major upgrades on the website worthy of a look...Instead of
just 6 or so Joe T prints we will be offering a Joe T store with all his
products for sale...It will have 15-20 prints for sale by the weekend and
much more to come....Including T shirts....Field Guides and 100's of
prints avaliable...The NFc will get about half of all sales so shop early
shop often.....:)

On the Kids Corner web page we have put up the space for the featured
Projects , a space where the kids can tell the world what they are
doing...our first project  on there is the cool website by scott page and
his students in Washington state.....He needs to get his fish though :)

I expect Bill Flynns team to add in soon with their tanks and several
other projects getting finished up will be added as soon as we can...Also
the 4 H is doing a 2nd Plug on us. It seems the Adopt a Tank booklet we
have online has caught the attention of several 4H Leaders and will be
highlighted in their next email to the county leadership (3,000 + )

Thats all for now...have a great weekend....

Robert Rice
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