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NFC: North American Fish Topics will be featured on "Earth & Sky"

North American Fish Topics will be featured on "Earth & Sky"

North American Native Fishes Association Member Writing Scripts for radio

Thanks to the efforts of NANFA member, Shireen Gonzaga, NANFA will receive
national recognition on the radio program Earth and Sky.  In addition to her
full time employment, Shireen is a part-time freelance science writer.  She will
be developing scripts on fish related subjects for broadcast on Earth and
Sky which is heard by millions of listeners on over 950 commercial and
public radio stations throughout the United States.  E&S is also heard in
Canada, the South Pacific and on a variety of international networks,
including Armed Forces Radio, World Radio Network and Voice of America.  On
the daily program, hosts Deborah Byrd and Joel Block discuss popular
science subjects that affect our everyday lives.  The first program written
by Shireen will talk about the natural history of the american eel, Anguilla
rostrata-- its unique life cycle, and its mysterious life and death in the
Sargasso Sea.  

Block and Byrd will give NANFA a big plug on the program and their listeners
will become a little more knowledgeable about our North American fishes.
The show on eels will air on Thursday, May 13.  To find a station in your
area that will broadcast it, E&S has a searchable index on their web site at

For each program that is broadcast, Shireen will write an in-depth essay on
the same subject that will be available on Earth and Sky's web site.  Future
programs and essays will cover topics such as fish vocalizations, pregnant
males (about seahorses and pipefish), pfisteria, the grunion run.  These and
the story on the American eel will be available at www.earthsky.com

To find out more about Earth and Sky, check out their home site at

NANFA, www.nanfa.org