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NFC: Build a better mousetrap....

This afternoon, I went out to check the minnow trap, which is about 10' or
so back in the wood, easy to get at, etc.  In it were three new occupants,
a commons hiner, a new giant water bug (Dubbed "Gregorina") and... a
mouse.  The mouse was quite dead, as the trap is absolutely submerged.
I'm curious if anyone else has pulled out anything weird like this from
their trap, and exceptionally curious as to how in the world that mouse
got in the trap!  It was completely beneath water, meaning the mouse had
to smell the bait and decide to go diving, find the entrance, and get into
the trap.  
The giant water bug (new one) was put in the same jar as the shiner.  I
hadn't gotten out of the wood and to the road yet before I ntoed that the
bug had the fish.  These guys dont' waste time, do they? :)  He was being
jostled, had just been plucked from clutching onto a trap, and fallen on
the ground, and tossed into the trap... didn't phase it at all. 

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