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Re: NFC: Fw: Waterwheel Foundation/Phish

Wow... I don't think theres anyone on the list out there who wouldn't be
overly interested. :)

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On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, robert a rice wrote:

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> Subject: NFC: Fw: Waterwheel Foundation/Phish
> Luke,
> Looks like a project  for you Luke......:) Lets do this one !!!! I say
> lets do Adopt A tank s !!
> Robert Rice
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> From: "Henry Schwab" <ziggy63 at hotmail_com>
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> Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 18:34:20 PDT
> Subject: Waterwheel Foundation/Phish
> Message-ID: <19990422013420.30995.qmail at hotmail_com>
>     Hello,
>     I work for a rock and roll band called Phish. Our foundation 
> invites local non-profit organizations to each concert that we play 
> around the U.S.. The four people from the invited organization sit 
> with us behind two tables in the hallway and we spend the night 
> raising money and awareness for the invited non-profit.
>     Waterwheel invites organizations that work on clean water, 
> organic farming, homelessness, low-income housing, health care, 
> domestic violence, runaways, and women's issues. Please send us some 
> information on your organization and any organizations that you like. 
> Also, send us a copy of your non-profit status, 501-(c)-(3) or 
> likewise and a copy of your budget. It also helps us if you tell us 
> in a paragraph what you would do with the $300 to $1500 dollars. This 
> is our Summer tour list, but, even if you are not near us this tour, 
> send info because we are always on the road and we will be in your 
> city in the near future.
>     Please send the information to:
>     Henry Schwab
>     c/o Waterwheel
>     343 Soquel Ave.
>     #88 
>     Santa Cruz, CA, 95062
>     ziggy63 at hotmail_com
>     (831) 429-2205
>               Phish Summer Tour-1999
>                     JUNE
>     30th           Bonner Springs, KS (Near Kansas City and Lawrence)
>                     JULY
>     1st            Antioch, TN
>     3rd and 4th    Atlanta, GA
>     7th            Charlotte, NC
>     8th            Virginia Beach, VA
>     9th            Columbia, MD       (Near W.D.C. and Baltimore)
>     10th           Camden, NJ         (Near Philly, PA)
>     12th and 13th  Mansfield, MA      (Near Boston)
>     15th and 16th  Holmdel, NJ        (Near N.Y.C. and Trenton, N.J.)
>     17th and 18th  Volney, NY         (Near Syracuse)
>     20th           Toronto, ONT.
>     21st           Burgettstown, PA   (Near Pittsburg, PA)
>     23rd           Columbus, OH.
>     24th           East Troy, WI.     (Near Madison and Milwakee)
>     25th and 26th  Noblesville, IN.   (Near Indy)
>     If you have any question about Phish. Check out our web page at 
>     www.phish.com.
>                 Thank you and good luck with your work.
>                                   Henry
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