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NFC: Fw: Waterwheel Foundation/Phish


Looks like a project  for you Luke......:) Lets do this one !!!! I say
lets do Adopt A tank s !!

Robert Rice
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From: "Henry Schwab" <ziggy63 at hotmail_com>
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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 18:34:20 PDT
Subject: Waterwheel Foundation/Phish
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    I work for a rock and roll band called Phish. Our foundation 
invites local non-profit organizations to each concert that we play 
around the U.S.. The four people from the invited organization sit 
with us behind two tables in the hallway and we spend the night 
raising money and awareness for the invited non-profit.
    Waterwheel invites organizations that work on clean water, 
organic farming, homelessness, low-income housing, health care, 
domestic violence, runaways, and women's issues. Please send us some 
information on your organization and any organizations that you like. 
Also, send us a copy of your non-profit status, 501-(c)-(3) or 
likewise and a copy of your budget. It also helps us if you tell us 
in a paragraph what you would do with the $300 to $1500 dollars. This 
is our Summer tour list, but, even if you are not near us this tour, 
send info because we are always on the road and we will be in your 
city in the near future.
    Please send the information to:

    Henry Schwab
    c/o Waterwheel
    343 Soquel Ave.
    Santa Cruz, CA, 95062
    ziggy63 at hotmail_com
    (831) 429-2205
              Phish Summer Tour-1999

    30th           Bonner Springs, KS (Near Kansas City and Lawrence)
    1st            Antioch, TN
    3rd and 4th    Atlanta, GA
    7th            Charlotte, NC
    8th            Virginia Beach, VA
    9th            Columbia, MD       (Near W.D.C. and Baltimore)
    10th           Camden, NJ         (Near Philly, PA)
    12th and 13th  Mansfield, MA      (Near Boston)
    15th and 16th  Holmdel, NJ        (Near N.Y.C. and Trenton, N.J.)
    17th and 18th  Volney, NY         (Near Syracuse)
    20th           Toronto, ONT.
    21st           Burgettstown, PA   (Near Pittsburg, PA)
    23rd           Columbus, OH.
    24th           East Troy, WI.     (Near Madison and Milwakee)
    25th and 26th  Noblesville, IN.   (Near Indy)

    If you have any question about Phish. Check out our web page at 

                Thank you and good luck with your work.


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