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NFC: Trap Bait and Other

Ok, I know its illegal to catch fish by using any kind of poison, but I
have anyhows... I went down to the school's cafeteria and got some new
bait for the minnow trap - couple of slices of cheese and ham.  I feel
truly sorry for the fish, falling for the same trap the students here
do... smell the incoming flavours which are almost edible, see the
relatively nice looking food, come and egt it, and ... whamo... you're
stuck somewhere. :)  
We'll see how well it did tommorrow.
I did, however, move the trap, and managed to catch four new perch in it. 

A few days ago, I caught a rather large backswimminer beetle, the largest
I've ever seen (2.5 inches), in the trap.  At first I thought I had a baby
turtle... :)  Anyhow, that went in with Gregor as a tankmate... who this
afternoon was attempting to eat it.  A small frog replaced it - ultimate
irony, bug eats frog. :)

This week is the last week of classes, so I'll have some time during
finals in which to grab some fish, hopefully get out and do some real
collecting.  Going to try a few streams here and there and see what's
lurking in them.  Hopefully find a few ones.... 

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