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Re: NFC: SPAM (Was Trapping Tips)

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Eric Coffman wrote:

> Ah spam one of those infinetly useful products like duct tape and superglue.
> You can eat it, use it to glue your dentures in, great all purpose lubricant
> for the family cruiser and McGyver could probably take down an F-16 with it.
> Got to love that spam. JK

Except that McGyver is now chasing aliens through the STARGATE SG-1 which
means he could probably bring down a "Garould" (sp?) attack vessel with it
as well.  Not to mention trading it to less advanced transplanted humans
on other planets galaxy wide.  Hmmmmmmm...I wonder if there are fish on
other planets.   Hmmmmm...I wonder if they can be lured into traps with
SPAM?  Hmmmmm....I wonder if the spirit of the original thread on this
subject line has been totally lost forever.  :-)


P.S.  Hmmmm...I wonder if the BORG eat SPAM?  How 'bout "7 of
9"...Hmmmm...I wonder how long before Josh kicks my bootie of this
list....heh heh heh.


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