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NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V1 #260

Hi Chuck & All,
              Chicken laying pellets are pelletized chicken feed with 
a high percentage of calcium in them.This seems to help hold them 
together whilst submerged.The aniseed I use is actually derived from
the root of the licorice plant.(Glycyrrhiza).The traps I use are 
commercially made collapseable bait traps that concertina for storage.
I have seen pictures of these on some American sites I have surfed to,
but I can't rememberwhere they are. I got the impression that they 
were commonplace & are probably the ones you are using.The suggestion
of dry dog food would probably work & would be an inexpensive way to
     All the best with your fishkeeping,Ken.         

>Good to have you on the list Ken.  Couple of questions on the above. 
>- - For us city folks, what is "chicken laying pellets?"  (Although I 
suppose I 
>could go to feed store and ask).  
>- - I had hear anise seed oil is good for catfish bait.  Is this the 
same as 
>- - What type of traps do you use Down-Under?  I'm very curious about 
>design and     would be interested in seeing pictures if you know of 
>on-line.  Any good designs of homemade traps?
>- - I wonder if anise seed oil soaked dry dog good would make good 
>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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