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Re: NFC: Re:Trapping Tips.

In a message dated 4/19/99 7:58:36 AM US Central Standard Time, 
boorman_ken at hotmail_com writes:

<< Hi to everyone on the list.
    Greetings from Down-Under.I have found that chicken laying pellets
 with a little Aniseed poured over them works really well with our
 Rainbows and Gudgeons.This should work for you as well.
    By the way,are there any other Australians on the list?
    All the best with your fishkeeping,Ken.   >>

Good to have you on the list Ken.  Couple of questions on the above.  

- For us city folks, what is "chicken laying pellets?"  (Although I suppose I 
could go to feed store and ask).  

- I had hear anise seed oil is good for catfish bait.  Is this the same as 

- What type of traps do you use Down-Under?  I'm very curious about the 
design and     would be interested in seeing pictures if you know of any 
on-line.  Any good designs of homemade traps?

- I wonder if anise seed oil soaked dry dog good would make good bait?

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA