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Re: NFC: Trapping Tips.

Hello all,

I really like to use a can of fish flavored cat food.  Just crack the lid of
the can and toss it in the trap.  Very little mess.  I have also had great
luck with dead smelt.  You can buy them here at any fishing store frozen.
Toss one of those in a trap, and it attracts many fish and creatures as it

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> Sounds like some good tips... I'm especially interested in trying to get
> some of the nicer fish in the system, rather than just perch and common
> shiners.  Hopefully pull out  a few darters, mudfish, catfish, or some of
> hte other shiners I know to be in the system, but they just don't seem to
> like the trap too much. :)  I'll try leavingit above water and seeing how
> that works... I'm also going to try using "lightsticks" in there... what
> are some experiences there?
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