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Re: NFC: Trapping Tips.

I personally recommend using "magic bait" catfish bait...the shad flavor
works well.  It's stinky and draw in fishes.  Also use dog food (dry) or
canned cat food with a few holes poked in the top to let the smell escape.
Don't place it directly in strong current, but nearby on the edge if
possible where the scent will be carried to the fish, but the bait won't
be washed out.  I also have better luck if I leave the trap in water
slightly shallower than the trap, so that just a bit of the trap is above
water.  I think this helps the fishe to be funneled into the trap better.
I rarely catch more than just a few fish if the trap is submerged totally,
and even fewer if it is in deeper water of 2 feet or more.

These are my suggestions...would like to hear anyone else's.


On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, Joshua L Wiegert wrote:

> Hey All.
>   I set out a minnow trap where a stream enters the lake here, and am
> wondering if anyone has any tips on how to up the catch (it averages about
> one fish a day.)  Its currently baited with bread and salami, which
> probably sin't the best bait for it.  Any ideas on better baits, or ways
> to place the trap so it would work better?  ANy other tips?
>  end
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