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NFC: hlp warmouth stuff... (fwd)

Why, oh why, can't Majordomo let the word "help" into a subject?

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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 21:37:19 -0500
From: robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com>
To: nfc at actwin_com,
    sunfish at actwin_com
Subject: help warmouth stuff...

Anyone want to help me on this one i have been swamped of late and mostly
out of town on bussiness...Sorry the picture couldnt be sent ....

Dear Mr. Rice:
I had read your article about NA native  fish at TFH Sep-98 issue (very
nice, by the way) and I´m needing your help about that item.
The reason is that a folk found a ¨rare¨fish, nobody asked had seen, in a
dam near Havana.
I found the fish could be Chaenobrittus gulosus, the warmouth , according
to Jordan and Evermann´s , 1896 keys, but we lack enough information.
Some NA fishes were introduced in Cuba in 1927-1934 years, the warmouth
included. Pssibly the fish remains confused for the fishermen with the
others centrarchids (i.e.  rockbass, sunfish) introduced.
I´m including a photo scanned image, attached this message. Filename:
SUNFISH . We open this file with Paint (WIN-95), MS Photo Editor, Korel
Photo Paint and similar softwares. I don´t know if they are too old for
your PC system. 
We would like to get some fresh information about the fish: sistematic,
biology, range, reproduction, aquarium keeping, general bibliography and
so on you think could help  to know about that.
Please, tell me by EMail if you think we are right about the identity of
the fish or if it could be other species.
Could you help us?

Carlos Tallet
Acuario Nacional de Cuba.
Ave. 1ra y 60 , Miramar, Playa.
Ciudad de la Havana. CP 11300
ZP 13
ceseu at comuh_uh.cu

Robert Rice
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