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NFC: Re: NANFA-- Wounds

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Subject:        	NANFA-- Wounds

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<FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param>One of my Irr. Sharks has a something that looks like a scratch under his 
head next to his gill.Anybody know what this is? I figured that it was just 
a scratch from him darting around when startled but I want another 

Most likely that is what it is.

.Also he has a little dot on his tail that isnt white but it looks almost 
transperant in color.I have stuck some Ultra Shield in but should I also 
add some maracide to? Thanks.

I don't know what UltraShield is, but if it's anything like StressCoat I 
spurn such products.  Maracide isn't a bad idea.  It will help prevent 
opportunistic infection.



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