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NFC: Auction Items.....

Charles Anderton
Auction Administrator
Ft.Worth, Texas

The Lenny Bruce Originals- A greatest hits of the Late lenny Bruce
   includes skits like Religions Inc. ,Adolph Hitler and the M.C.A etc, 

The Neville Brothers Live on Planet Earth an almost greatest hits album
   recorded in New Orleans,

The 77's - An Alternative Christian Music Band of high Popularity...Very
   Hard Rockish.
                      Minimum Bid-- $6.00

The Eurythmics greatest hits: all the standards from this group

Charlie Daniels --America I Believe In You--

Red Hot Chili Peppers -What Hits- A semi best of type album.
                      Minimum Bid --$6.00


10 Blue-Spotted Sunfish from Daryl Roche
              Minimum Bid --$25.00

           **********Item 4********************

TFH "Exotic Trop. Fishes"  supplements nos. 1-24 plus index  
   in original plastic wrap and TFH slipcase. Excellent + condition.

TFH, "Turtles", Church, 1963, PB, good condition.           

DATZ, "Zuchterkniffe1" ( Care tips ?  ), German, 
   Nachstedt and Tusche,
       PB, Excellent cond.
                  Minimum Bid --$25.00

            ************Item 5*************

FAMA "A Net Full of Natives" Tom Baugh, PB, 1980 excellent  cond.

DATZ, "Barblinge Und ihre Verwandten" (Barbs and their relatives),
   Ladiges, German, PB, excellent cond.

Aquarium Systems, "Butterflyfishes of the World Vol. 2",
   Allen, Hrd Bound, 1979, Excellent ++ Cond. w/ original paper sleeve.
                    Minimum Bid $20.00

              ***********Item 6****************
Innes Publishing Co. ""Exotic Aquarium Fishes", Innes, 1956,
  Hrd Bound, Excellent ++ Condition.

TFH, "Catfish", Emmens and Axelrod, 1968, PB, fair condition.

TFH, "Nothobranchius", Jubb, 1981, Hrd Bound, Good condition

TFH "Breeding Killifishes", Ostrow, 1981,  Hrd. Bound, Good + condition.

Kernan, "Der Fische in der Landschaft"  (Fish in their Localities/ habitats?),
German, Ladiges, 1984, PB, excellent + cond.
                                               Minimum Bid $25.00

                     *********Item 7 *************

MIT Press, "The Aquarium Encyclopedia" Sterba, 1986, Hrd.
Bound.  Excellent + Condition (slight tearing on orig. paper sleeve )

DATZ, "Farbfrohe Kaltwaserfische", (Colorful Coldwater fish)
German,   Lehman, 1984, PB, Excellent cond.

Longman, "Freshwater Fish of Britain and Europe" Longman Nature Guides,
  1987, Small Book w/ plastic cover slip, Excellent + Condition.

Mondofair, "Gift Tiere" (Poisonous Animals- Dart Frogs, etc.) German,
   Kundert and Spira,
    Hrd Bound, Excellent Cond.
                            Minimum Bid $25.00

                ****************Item 8*********************

6 Fundulus Olivaceous ( Blackspotted Topminnow )

                            Minumum Bid  $15.00

                  ***************Item 9 ********************

1 - 2lb. can of Worms 
   Same as the ones from the last auction !!
    These Retail for $29.00
                               Minimum Bid $15.00