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These are the winning bids for this months auction...

Item #1----
    Luke McClurg        $6.00
Item #2----
    Charles Anderton   $6.00
Item #3----
    Bill Pennewell        $50.00
Item #4----
    J.L. Wiegert          $25.00
Item #5----
    Klaus ( Segeberger)  $25.00
Item #6----
    Gay Hemsath        $37.50
Item #7----
    Gay Hemsath        $37.50
Item #8----
    Bill Pennewell       $40.00
Item #9----
    Robert Rice          $24.00
Please send your check or M.O. as soon as possible to the NFC, noting which Item you were the high bidder on...
You may also talk to Robert Rice about using your Credit Card at the NFC Website...
Thanks to all who participated and I'll let everyone know about the next Auction as details become available...
Charles Anderton 
Interim Auction Administrator
Ft. Worth, Texas