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Re: NFC: Smile for the birdie

I my everal years of doing fish photograpy for my research I have found
several things.  Do no use a flash.  Get the right speed of film to
photograph the tank with you haveing to use a flash. but don't have the
suteer open for more that about a 250th of a second.  longer than that the
image blurs and use the largerst f-stop possible use between an f5.6 and a
f16.  F16 gives the greates depth of feild meaning your whole tank will
probally be in focus, but a f5.6 give the best results in my mind.  a good
balance between light entering the lens and depth of feild. If possible
turn of the ambient light becasue the cause reflections on the front of
the tank. scrub the front of the tank to remove calcium deposits and


On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Ronald W. Brooks wrote:

> Ok does anyone have any good tips for photographing fish in the tanks.
> I have tried several times and the pictures are worthless to say the
> least.
> Thanks for any advice
> Ron
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