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NFC: Re: Shipping.

I would suggest   not putting anything in the bags with the fish aside from 
the appropriate amount of water, which is very little and lots of air. The 
fish are more likely to try and munch on it and it's just not nescessary. 
Also, don't fill and tie off the bags too tightly or pack them too tightly in 
the styro container because the pressure changes can burst them.  If you feel 
it nescessary to treat the fish, do so before shipping, use clean water for 
bagging and definately do not feed them at least 24 hrs. prior to bagging. 
And as for plants, NO water, and use your breath to fill the bag with air. 
One more thing, if you use the US mail, avoid shipping during any holiday 
season. nuf sed  : )
just another half cent worth