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Re: NFC: I want to clarify things about my post


Please try to understand and forgive the reaction to off-topic posts. 
It is not that no one is interested, but many subscribe to specialized
email lists for the purpose of managing the kinds of email they
receive.  This list, for example, is for the discussion of native North
American fishes.

Technically, discussion of aquatic insects is slightly off-topic (though
they are predators of native species), but I still find the Gregor topic
to be very interesting.  In my opinion, Mexican natives are a valid
subject (the last time I checked, Mexico was part of North America), so
I responded to that section of your post.

The reactions to the Pangasius catfish stuff seemed to have junked up my
mailbox more than your original post.  I find it takes less energy (and
less email) to ignore off-topic posts than it does to complain about
them, and it usually more effective.  No offense to anyone on the list.  
Just another glass-house resident,


Christian C. Burke
mailto:cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net