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NFC: I want to clarify things about my post

I post question about Mexican Cyprinella because I cannot find much info
on them and I wonder if anyone keep or breed them.  Also I see the
message in re:nfc new fish wish list regarding about Pangasius catfish,
so I want to share what I know about them because it is one of the very
common catfish in the tropical fish hobby and many people do not realize
how big they will become [if people have very big tank or pond and
prepare for its eventual size of more than 1 meter then it is ok] and it
is not the only species in its family and there are some that look
better when grow up.  After I send the message I realize there are some
errors in my post so I sent some message to correct my mistake.  So far
I thank Christian C. Burke for pointing me to someone who may know about
Mexican Cyprinella, but that is the only reply that have anything to do
with Mexican Cyprinella.  So I will wait for more info on Mexican
Cyprinella being post here and sorry for anyone who think what I post
about Pangasius is offending in any way but I just want to give more
info that I know to people who ask about...
at at cisunix_unh.edu