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NFC: (to make folks happy ill change the subject to In Response to comments on my comments of a message) Was any Mexican Cyprinel...

>  I have to agree with Klaus here... these messages have little or nothing
>in relationship to their subject.  Its relatively simple to change a
>subject line, or when they get to a personal type message to change the
>to field.
>  Also, messages limited to stuff like "Yes." and such simply should not
>be snet out to the list.  Theres no need for over a hundred people to get
>a message with "Yes"  in it, and especially not for an entire message to
>get included (by quoting) with it.

Ok I would have to agree that it had nothing to do with Mexican Minnows.But
in the body he did talk about Pangasidae so it did have to do with what the
message was about.